Before / After : Dark Spots Case #1

Brightening Spots Case #1

This is an Asian female who had severe dark brown patchy hyperpigmentation on both of her cheeks consistent with severe melasma from hormonal influence. The dark hyperpigmentation looks patchy and web-like, with certain areas darker than others. If you look closely at her skin in between the dark melasma coloration, you will see spots of her original color (actually quite white and pink).

She said that her dark spots worsened despite everything that she had tried, including lasers and skin whitening creams with hydroquinone. She wanted something that is not harsh.

After about 1 month, she said she saw quite a noticeable improvement in her looks. Then after about 2 months, the appearance of her dark hyperpigmentation looked much better, and after about 4 months, she said that she feels 90% more confident in her looks. Her face now looks nicely creamy white with a healthy glow.

Before After pictures of brightening melasma spots
Before After pictures of brightening dark spots

Testimonial Video (in Chinese)