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Physician Formulated

Effective Skincare

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Dr Signyance excels in revitalizing skin for a youthful, flawless look.

Dr Signyance is founded by Dr. Wu, a U.S. licensed physician with decades of experience in cutting-edge biotech technology.

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Dr Signyance excels for its efficacy in

  • Brightening the look of dark spots
  • Tackling the unattractiveness of wrinkles
  • Firming the appearance of sagging skin
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Advanced Delivery Technology

Active ingredients must be absorbed deeply in order to be truly effective.

All Dr Signyance products are created with its proprietary advanced delivery technology.

Before / After Cases

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I found that the darkening of my skin got even worse. I tried to find two dermatologists, and they both told me that it was hormonal pigmentation and advised against any more light-related treatments like laser… Dr. Wu was the third doctor I consulted. When I went to see him, he also told me that it was hormonal pigmentation and liver spots. So, I started for about four months. Initially, my skin looks completely dark, but now it looks significantly improved, I think more than 90%. I used to be afraid to go out without makeup. Now, I basically don’t wear makeup anymore.


Before, my skin was very loose. It felt rough and looked dark and spotty, and my pores were enlarged. After, there was a significant improvement in my uneven skin tone. The entire face now looks evenly white. My cheeks were sagging, but now my face feels tight. The skin also looks tight and quite elastic. When my friends saw me, they were surprised. They all said my skin looks much better and different from before.


Before, I used to have very sagging face, and my dark circles were very darkā€¦and also uneven skin tone, and also I have very large pores. So after, I think there is major severe change in my skin tone, it was more even, and my dark circles looked improved especially on my left side, and also my face it used to be more round and now it looks a bit smaller because it has tightening effect it tightened up my skin, that it looked more firm right now. So my friends seen me said it was really amazing, they saw my skin and they see a lot of improvements in my skin.


I had some dark spots on my face, and I’ve been using various products, but there hasn’t been any change. However, now, my skin looks healthier, and the dark spots on my face are looking lighter and lighter. So, I feel confident about this. I will continue.